BioMedical Instrumentation and Electronics (bMIE) Research Group focused on four (4) main research areas:
  • ELECTRONICS AND BIOMEDICAL INSTRUMENTATION - Ultrasound Amplifier; Electrophysiological Instrument; Tracking Device; Cell Sorting Device; Medical Equipments; Analog Instrumentation
  • BIO-SENSORS - Electronic Nose; Bionic Eye; Biometrics
  • BIOMEDICAL SIGNAL AND IMAGE PROCESSING - Speech Processing; Ultrasound Imaging; Medical Image Processing; X-Ray Imaging; Electroencephalogram (EEG); Electromyogram (EMG); Electroocculogram (EOG); Electrocardiogram (ECG); Brain Computer Interface; Human Computer Interface; Brain-Muscle Control
  • REHABILITATION - Speech Rehabilitation; Diagnostic; Prosthetic Design, Gait Analysis
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