Dr Yong Ching Yee

Lecturer, University College of Technology Sarawak

"I obtained my PhD in Electrical Engineering and B. Eng in Electrical Engineering from UTM. I had published more than 40 journal articles and conference papers, bagged two medals in innovation exhibitions, MIMOS Prestigious Award and Best Postgraduate Student during my study. Since my final year project, I was attached under Biomedical Instrumentation and Electronics (BMIE) Research Group. This group is built up by several talented and technical expertise members. It is undeniable that my today’s achievements are due to them. Special credits to my supervisor AP Dr. Rubita and co-supervisor AP Dr. Nasrul Humaimi. Consistency is key to success!"

Wan Bukhari Wan Daud

Lecturer, UTEM & PhD Candidate at Sheffield

"I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about a wide range of cutting-edge research from BMIE research group which driven by several researchers who is wildly enthusiastic about a research. This research group shaped my current research interest, especially in bio-signals and instrumentation. I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn from them. Big thanks to my previous supervisor AP Dr. Rubita, AP Dr. Nasrul Humaimi, and AP Dr. Norlaili. They were all the one who contributed to my success today, and I am still enduring the journey of another success because of their supports and courageous."

Dr. Siti Asmah binti Daud

Lecturer, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Perak.

"I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunities to become PhD student from UTM and attached to bMIE research group. I’ve been supervised by AP Dr Nasrul Humaimi, Dr Leow Pei Ling and Mdm Mitra during my postgraduate and undergraduate studies. Lecturer in UTM are so friendly and willingly to help student in any way they can. I always tell people that if I could have attained my postgraduate study again, I’ll definitely choose UTM in a first place. The facilities and the environment in the campus helps me to focus on my studies. The lecturer in UTM facilitate the education of many people from different ages, cultures and social status. And when

people have a larger understanding of the human experience, they become better people."

Dr Chew Kim Mey

Lecturer, University College of Technology Sarawak

“My PhD in Electrical Engineering was conferred by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in 2015 with the title of "Brain Tumor Detection using Microwave Signal Analysis". I had published 39 papers in national/international journal and conference with the cumulative of 2.61 impact factor during my three years PhD study. I would like to thank my beloved supervisor, AP. Dr. Rubita Sudirman. Without her supervision, I won’t graduate on time. A special thanks dedicated to my colleague, Dr. Yong Ching Yee for her sharing and guidance throughout the journey. Thanks UTM and Biomedical Instrumentation and Electronics (BMIE) Research Group for providing such a good environment for their students while they pursue their studies. Last but not least, thank God for putting so many important yet influencing people in my life. All glory to God."


Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering,

Mahsa University College,

I obtained my master in Biomedical Engineering and B. Eng in Electrical - Medical Electronic from UTM. I have attached to bMIE research group research group during doing master by research with the title of 'Blood Cells Counting using Modified Circular Hough Transform'. I would like to thank to my supervisors PM Dr. Nasrul Humaimi Mahmood, Dr. Mohd Azhar Abdul Razak, Dr. Fauzan Khairi Che Harun and Mr. Abdul Rahim Abd Rahman for guiding, supervising and also advising me to complete the research successfully.

Nurul Ashikin Abdul Kadir

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, UTM

"I completed my doctoral course with supervision from AP Dr. Norlaili and Dr. Mohd Afzan in digital bio-signal processing field and was awarded by UTM Zamalah Ph.D Tier 1. To date, I have 20 publications with motivations and support from my mentors and bMIE researchers that lead our team received Best of The Best award during INATEX2015 with collaboration between industrial company, CITD. I had attached to bMIE research group since my bachelor degree course at UTM, and grade A+ for my final year project with AP Dr. Norlaili supervision had initiated myself to further higher levels education with AP Dr. Rubita. I personally benefit a lot from them. I was honored by Osaka Prefecture University, Japan, to further research with them. bMIE research group is awesome and I really indebted with them!"